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Everyone. Everywhere. All The Time.
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Safety. Everyone. Everywhere. All the time.

At JE Dunn, health and safety is a culture we are proud to identify with—we make safety about “Everyone. Everywhere. All the Time.” We are committed to doing everything within our power to ensure every individual is always safe, protecting the safety of not just our employees but also their families. We work to empower our people to make safe choices in every aspect of their lives.

Meet The Team

James Robles
National Safety Director
David Hulse
Safety Director
Midwest Region
Marques Lowe
Safety Director
East Region
Nate Mock
Safety Director
West Region
Minimized risk through planning

We have an obligation to the community, our clients, and everyone on our project sites to maintain a hazard-free environment. When risk is minimized, clients benefit from increased savings and a positive public perception of a project.

Project-specific safety planning

Our approach to risk management is through project-specific safety planning. Recognizing that every project is unique, JE Dunn superintendents lead their project teams in the field, with the support or our regional safety director and safety managers. Everyone on a jobsite, including trade partners, is held to the project-specific safety plan. Depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the construction site, the JE Dunn safety team provides the necessary oversight to set a project up for success.

Safety training and programming

Training is an integral part of JE Dunn’s safety culture, ensuring all employees in the field and the office are educated on JE Dunn’s safety policies and equipped with the knowledge to implement these safety practices. We provide safety programming and education for all employees, including internal campaigns and innovative and successful practices to safeguard jobsites and protect workers. Documentation is provided in both Spanish and English.

Safety tracking you can see

With Construct PM, project stakeholders can see the status of all safety concerns and corrective actions in real time. When a safety concern is logged, the appropriate party is immediately notified on their mobile device via Construct PM for timely resolution. Hazards and corrective actions identified are entered into the program for analysis. The data can then be trended to proactively identify areas of concern before incidents happen.


What We’ve Gained: JE Dunn + OSHA Strategic Partnership
Marco Martinez
Senior Safety Manager
In November of 2021, JE Dunn and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Fort Worth and Dallas Offices signed an OSHA Strategic Partnership agreement to utilize our Loews Arlington Hotel and Convention Center project as an ongoing site for OSHA non-enforcement verification activities.
November 2022
Thought Leadership
Austin Dallas Houston
An Ally in Safety
James Robles
National Safety Director
For almost a decade JE Dunn has been cultivating a trusted relationship with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agency that has the same mission as JE Dunn and every other general contractor: to protect the lives and safety of our workers.
April 2022
Thought Leadership
South Central Region
Wearing your heart on your sleeve can save lives and help build within our local markets
James Robles
National Safety Director
On each of the commercial construction job sites JE Dunn runs, safety for the teams and trade partners is priority number one. Beyond what is mandated, there’s a tradition of having each worker pin a laminated photo of loved ones to their safety vest so everyone can remember who they need to get home safely for each and every day. But safety doesn’t stop at workers’ physical wellbeing.
September 2021
Thought Leadership
Prevention through Design: A Collaborative Approach to Safety
John McKenzie
Senior Safety Manager
August 2021
Thought Leadership
Lean, Mean, Materials Handling Machine
Ken Cornell
General Superintendent
Did you know that evaluating material handling operations may provide the key to a more productive, safe and profitable jobsite? And superintendents who embrace change on this front give their companies a competitive advantage.
August 2021
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