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Our Smart Building Solutions (SBS) group is a key component of our overall business strategy and is fully integrated into our core construction operations. 

What, exactly, makes a building smart? Turns, out, there is no simple answer, no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why JE Dunn’s Smart Building Solutions (SBS) group offers a project approach as unique as each building itself. Starting with a diagnosis of current conditions to determine the best technology to ultimately integrating building systems from the outset, our SBS experts have a straightforward 5-step process to help your building work smarter—not harder.

SBS Process to Achieve Smart Buildings



The SBS Advantage

With more than 125 years of collective information technology experience, our Smart Building Solutions experts connect more than just systems—we connect people and partners, leveraging strategic relationships to bring once-siloed networks together. That means all systems work together from day one—saving owners time and money while increasing efficiency. Our end-to-end, single point of responsibility Design-Build Systems Integration approach encompasses the entire building systems landscape to ensure your strategic investment is fit, functional, and ready for use, not just on day one, but through the life cycle of the building driving end-user satisfaction and building performance.


The SBS Edge

A building that features once-siloed systems working in concert with one another does more for owners than keep occupants connected—it offers insights that affect daily operations as well as increases efficiency and productivity. Buildings or campuses connected with our Smart Building Solutions have the capability to enjoy a range of benefits:

  1. Well building (air quality, LEED, efficiency)
  2. Occupancy sensors such as safety and for building managers
  3. Insurance / predicative maintenance
  4. Building occupant information such as productivity, devices, wifi and comfort
  5. Operational efficiency for reduced utility bills and maximized building operations

When building systems fit the function of the building that increase user satisfaction and work in harmony the environmental conditions exist to achieve outstanding client and employee experiences. Outstanding experiences require a diverse team and SBS works not only with construction managers and designers but directly with the diverse group of stakeholders and decision-makers within organizations. From new campuses to system and technology upgrades in operational facilities Smart Building Solutions Design-Build system integrations approach brings together disparate teams, partners, and systems to achieve your strategic vision.

For more information on our Smart Building Solutions, contact Sam Holt.