Dunn Safety

At JE Dunn, health and safety is a culture we are proud to identify with. We are committed to doing everything within our power to ensure that every individual is safe at all times. Because of that commitment, JE Dunn was awarded the 2012 National Construction Safety Excellence Award by the Association of General Contractors of America in the large construction category. Since then, we have taken our safety culture to the next level making safety about “Everyone. Everywhere. All the Time.”

Our dedication to health and safety is evident through our safety management system and low Experience Modification Rate (EMR). JE Dunn’s current EMR rate is .56. This low rate is the direct result of fewer safety issues and an overall commitment to health and safety by our entire company.

Delivering a safe project starts long before the first worker sets foot on site. Our Safety Specialists evaluate every project we build and develop project-specific safety plans that exceed federal, state and other applicable laws and building codes. Every project has a designated safety supervisor, who conducts job walks to monitor all workers and ensures prevention plans are being followed. These efforts are supplemented by regularly scheduled safety audits from experienced safety professionals. We also make sure that all JE Dunn and trade partner staff are fully trained and certified.