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We believe in doing the right thing, and there's no group at JE Dunn more committed to delivering the quality assurance your project needs than the Dunn Right team.

Dunn Right provides our quality assurance and quality control staff to assist on any project. Our quality group has an extensive resume, including experience and services like:

  • Scope of work reviews
  • Constructability reviews
  • Product evaluations and reviews
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination
  • Manufacturer’s material compatibility
  • Assurance testing for water intrusion and moisture
  • Infrared camera technology
  • Material depth gauge
  • Other construction-quality testing procedures

Dunn Right is responsible for delivering quality control on the project with the support of our corporate quality assurance staff. Quality starts in preconstruction as we conduct scope reviews during buyout meetings. Once we determine the items are compliant with the contract documents, we also have discussions to ensure that the team understands the level of quality expected.

The Dunn Right team also provides training, warranty issue analysis, marketing, and other supplemental support roles as needed.