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Our Dunn lean philosophy represents a process of continuous improvement, proving that lean principles are essential and yield higher efficiency.

JE Dunn has placed a huge emphasis on a lean culture – and that means both improving our processes internally, as well as increasing efficiencies for our external clients, trade partners, and building stakeholders. As our organization has grown in its understanding and application of Lean, not only has the number of support staff grown, but the topics have expanded to include things like target value design, weekly huddles, meeting facilitation, process mapping, small wins, and many others. The Lean group will continue to support the organization with the Lean tools it currently uses, create new tools for the company, as well as be on the cutting edge of learning and adopting tools that are new in our industry.

Undergoing a Lean Transformation is hard work. Our goal is to grow a deep level of understanding and practice of the Lean philosophy and tools across the organization. “Being Lean” is an overall shift in behavior and culture that impacts everyone in the organization. It involves learning how to interact with each other differently, as well as learning new tools that help support the behavior. To do this well, we need to focus on developing our people, improving our projects and improving our business processes. JE Dunn has made good progress over the last five years, and there remains plenty of opportunity ahead.

Our Vision and our Guiding Principles inspire and demand that we strive for a culture of continuous improvement. The total adoption and implementation of Lean concepts and behavior on our projects and our overall business create the opportunities to drive forward in our pursuit of building perfection.


• Contributed to 3 Industry Standard Books
• Presented at/for Organizations including LCI, CSI, COAA, AGC, etc.
• Involved in 9 LCI Communities of Practice
• Participate on 6 boards for the Communities of Practice
• Members of Advisory Board for LCI Education