Dunn CPD

Collaborative Project Delivery is an approach to delivering projects through a highly interactive process involving all project stakeholders (owner, representatives, architect, engineers, general contractor and trade partners), that is focused on driving decisions and actions that reduce waste, increase value, maximize technology usage, and control costs, regardless of contract delivery vehicle. Our process is client-focused and works on projects of all sizes, focusing on collaborating in cross-discipline teams to seamlessly create project-specific solutions. CPD is founded in lean philosophy and is an excellent starting point for a lean project delivery, setting a project up for outstanding results.

At JE Dunn, we place a large emphasis Project Visioning. A Project Vision is a shared perspective that players from all sides have about what they are trying to create, why the project is necessary, and that project’s value to the organization and to them personally. With any team there are multiple players, and often large or even very large groups involved, and project visioning helps us identify a shared vision of success. The next step is alignment of the leadership with the project wide definition of success, and the value proposition that delivers that definition. We then create the Graphic Master Schedule linking the Value Proposition to a team-created schedule based on durable commitments that deliver the value proposition. In order to succeed, however, we then need the full team buy-in and commitment to deliver on the schedule they all helped to actively create.

CPD integrates the owner with the design and construction actions, erasing the silos between the stakeholders with a focus on the final facility. Working with the key stakeholders, the team uses critical thinking to vision and organize the construction process to integrate with the design process. The CPD process focuses on using the Lean Principals to streamline and smooth the flow of information and work to eliminate waste.

Collaborative Project Delivery Brochure

Dunn CPD Brochure