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University of Texas at Dallas Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center

The 30,200 SF, 2-story Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center, situated at the entrance to the UTD campus, includes conference rooms, a multi-functional 450-seat grand ballroom, an executive boardroom, office space, a coffee bar, an inspiration hall, and functional outdoor space within a park. This project is LEED Gold Certified.

The Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center is an inspirational space, intended to create aspiration among students and serve as a touch point for current and future alumni. Called a “gateway to the future” by its namesake donors, the facility is intended to be an elegant focal point for the growing UT Dallas alumni community. The Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center is a transformational place that engages the entire university community. The building’s identifying feature is a unique metal scrim that runs along areas of the interior and exterior and is articulated with apertures that represent the orbits of comets moving around the sun. Metaphorically, this motif draws an analogy between students, alumni and comets - the school’s mascot. Comets move away from the sun but are ultimately pulled back by the gravitational force similar to alumni, who graduate to pursue a new direction, but retain their attachment and loyalty to the university.