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Two Light Luxury Apartments

Completed in the spring of 2018, Two Light is a 487,626-square-foot, 24-story luxury apartment tower with a 145,348-square-foot, 7-level, 440-car parking garage in the heart of Downtown Kansas City.  This is the second high-rise apartment complex in the Power and Light District. 

The complex adds more than 400 residents and includes a two-level co-working space, which is a new co-living concept for the evolving generation of entrepreneurs. Creating new traffic and increased tourism to Kansas City is a result of this well-planned residential housing boom, which will continue to push local development for more tourism, conferences, and events to the area.

These one and two bed luxury apartments include floor-to-ceiling windows, open floor plans, community access and an infinity pool. The amenities are designed to elevate the urban living experience matched with a unique concierge service for each tenant.

Two Light is located in the heart of Kansas City’s premier entertainment district and is currently over 90% leased. With 296 apartment units, 440 parking spaces, and leased business spaces, Two Light is feeding the downtown renaissance by promoting sustainable urban living and development in Kansas City, Missouri. Bringing a new parking garage to the heart of the downtown life has been a vital asset for the Power and Light District and the Sprint Center. The mixed-use space on the first floor includes a high-quality yoga studio that is easily accessible for downtown residents and others who work in the downtown area.