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Portland International Airport Deicing Treatment Facility

JE Dunn completed the deicing facility under budget and 12 weeks ahead of schedule. The project did not incur a single loss time accident during the 761 days of construction.

The new on-site facility processes storm water run-off from ramps and runways which, in the winter, is contaminated with deicing chemicals. The enhanced system expands the existing system’s ability to capture a greater amount of storm water runoff effectively doubling the present capacity. The environmentally friendly system is one of three in the United States and reduces the level of effluent discharge so there are no significant impacts to endangered salmon in the Columbia or Willamette river system.

The project consists of several pump stations and storage tanks to increase storage capacity for both concentrated and dilute runoff. A state-of-the-art, on-site anaerobic processing facility is at the heart of the project. The processing system is designed to treat the concentrated and dilute storm water before discharging under the Marine Drive dike into the Columbia River outfall structure.