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JE Dunn Construction Company Corporate Headquarters

JE Dunn worked with BNIM / 360 Architects to design and build the company's new 204,227-square-foot corporate office building and 780-space parking structure. The design complements the architecture of the surrounding government buildings. A neutral palette with a touch of color gives the building its own personality and local artists are featured throughout with artwork carefully selected to represent the construction profession.

The project is 100 percent BIM designed.  JE Dunn utilized their own forces to build their home and carefully selected materials that showcase the company's self perform abilities. In addition to being LEED Gold Certified, it is the first LEED Gold Certified corporate headquarters project in Kansas City.

JE Dunn recycled and diverted 95 percent of construction waste from landfill; used energy alternatives to help curb gas usage; and used materials that were extracted, processed, and manufactured within a 500-mile radius of Kansas City. The building uses 40% less water than the minimum standards required by the EPA.

Unique design and building materials include an exterior precast concrete that serves as the interior face of the perimeter wall, wood floors composed of urban lumber, carpets made of recycled content, and irrigation using collected rainwater or "gray water". To enhance employee productivity, no office space is more than 22.5 feet from natural light.