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Glock United States Manufacturing Facilities

JE Dunn has been on site at Glock since 2009, constructing facilities totaling $100M. Our project experience includes:

BUILDING D NEW MANUFACTURING & WAREHOUSE EXPANSION: JE Dunn completed a 100,000 SF project consisting of a new manufacturing facility, warehouse, central utility plant, exterior enclosed material conveying systems, and shooting ranges for research, development, and quality control. This high-tech facility will use industry leading equipment, robotics, automation and conveying in their manufacturing process.

BUILDING B MANUFACTURING PLANT: The 85,000 SF manufacturing plant is a freestanding building built of concrete, CMU, and brick walls. This facility is used to manufacture the pistol parts that are assembled in the existing facility and shipped to retail and government agencies around the United States. The building includes a 15,000 SF mezzanine area that consists of a cafeteria and offices. Below the mezzanine area there are restrooms and locker rooms for the employees of the plant. Lastly, there is a maintenance area for their facilities to occupy.

5300 GLOCK TACTICAL FACILITY: This project consisted of a 20,000 SF existing office building that was renovated into a Tactical Shooting Range and Tactical Teaching Area.

6200 GLOCK ASSEMBLIES: The 20,000 SF Assemblies Warehouse is an extension of the existing GLOCK industrial facility. The existing facility includes manufacturing, offices, storage, assembly, and receiving areas. This facility is used to assemble the pistol parts that are manufactured in the existing facility and shipped to retail and government agencies around the US. The 6200 Assemblies Extension includes four testing pistol ranges that are 80’ long and one testing rifle range that is 110 yards long.