Commerce Trust Building

Comprised of 15 floors, this renovation project began as simple life safety improvements to install a new stairway and fire protection for the existing occupants. Subsequent discussions led to the eventual renovation and remodel of the entire building. Construction consisted of newly remodeled office space, a new data center and a fully refurbished lobby which included a new art gallery.

With the goal firmly established of fully modernizing the building, while maintaining a historically accurate representation of Commerce Trust’s original turn-of-the-century character, came the challenge of building the infrastructure required to support state-of-the-art technology critical in modern day banking. Features include raised access flooring, a perimeter security wall, and ten CRAC units for HVAC. Of paramount importance to the 24/7 function of the data center is the backup system located strategically below grade. Two 725Kw generators along with fuel tanks provide backup power. A UPS system and associated paralleling gear, ATS switch, and electrical gear is provided for power redundancy.