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Children's Mercy Hospital


The campus of Children's Mercy Hospital represents a continuous master plan expansion to replace antiquated, undersized facilities and bring pediatric care to a world class level. Since 1990, JE Dunn has constructed more than 700,000 square feet. The campus is situated on an urban, building-locked site where strategic construction staging coordination is vital to maintain natural patient flow.

1n 1994, JE Dunn completed a five-story underground parking garage to accommodate 727 cars. A year later, a five-story outpatient tower was built on top. A connecting link to the main hospital and a freestanding, two-story energy center were also finished to upgrade the mechanical and electrical capacity of the ever-changing campus.

In 1996, a 226,000-square-foot inpatient tower was added. The 46-bed, seven-story, inpatient facility is dedicated to both neonatal ICU and pediatric ICU services. Additional 1,081-car patient parking was also added. In the following two years, JE Dunn constructed another five-story, 110,000-square-foot inpatient tower above an existing hospital dock.

The next phase included the two-story, 45,223-square-foot Henson Tower. This vertical expansion added to an existing four-story structure for increased patient demands. JE Dunn built temporary protection over walkways and the building was structurally secured and sealed to prevent water penetration, noise and vibration.

In 2003, a four-story, 115,127-square-foot research clinic vertical expansion was completed as well as an eight-level, 860-car, above and below ground additional parking garage.

More recent work includes the East Tower and Link expansion which consists of 130,618-square-feet with nine levels vertically, 15,406-square-foot remodel and an added 80 patient beds. The link expansion includes 18,928-square-feet of new addition and 6,501-square-foot remodel.