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CHI St. Luke's Health - Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center McNair Campus Renovations

The current Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center projects include preconstruction and construction management services for 10 projects. Each represents an individual GMP and separate pay request. The current projects represent the build-out of approximately 330,000 square feet while delivering 230 private patient rooms, seven upgraded operating rooms, a new lobby and support spaces like Registration, EVS, and Central Holding.

Each of the existing spaces are scanned and put into the BIM coordination model. Our scheduler coordinates the various project schedules while also developing schedules for the owner’s activation tasks schedule for medical equipment, furniture, and OFCI elements. The Endoscopy and IT Data Room have been turned over to the owner. The operating room renovations are being finalized now. Levels three and four have recently been punched by ESa Architects. The other projects continue to progress at a rapid pace.

The second phase of the project includes construction of another patient tower totaling approximately 977,347 square feet. The project includes a large expansion to the existing structured parking garage. Substantial completion has been achieved on all Phase I projects totaling over $100 million in work.

The construction team is managing all low-voltage systems coordination and installations.