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Cerner Continuous Campus

Cerner, an international health care software company, developed its third office campus in the Kansas City area. The 650,000-square-foot campus includes office, conference and support spaces for 4,000 employees. A dining facility and health clinic serve as a connecting link between two nine-story office towers. It is the one of the most technologically advanced and wireless office building in the country. Taking cues from binary code and DNA sequencing patterns, the building embodies Cerner’s work to manage, digitize and store health care information.

The campus incorporates many strong building science principals to increase energy efficiency, flexibility and human comfort. The result is lower operating cost, abundant natural daylight and a building that reflects the culture of Cerner. Exterior materials were chosen for their longevity and durability. Colored stainless steel and stone also speak to the permanence of real materials on the Kansas prairie. Most building materials are American made and the goal is to be one of the most energy efficient office building in Kansas City. With careful management of the schedule and budget, JE Dunn was able to incorporate changes and additions while returning significant savings to the owner.