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Black & Veatch Headquarters Renovations and Addition

JE Dunn completed a 604,000-square-foot office building renovation and addition to Black & Veatch's headquarters. The project consisted of the renovation of a 592,000-square-foot corporate office building with heavy mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades; complete demolition and reconstruction of office production areas; renovated restrooms; a multimedia studio; kitchen and dining space; and a wellness center. In addition to the renovation added a 12,000-square-foot Innovation Pavilion, which features a large, single-story entryway topped with a green roof, two-story ceiling space, terrazzo floors, and numerous meeting and presentation spaces supported by the latest technology. This space utilizes a geothermal system and solar collection for heating, cooling, and power. The project also included four acres of sitework reconstruction including bio-swales, walking paths, and new lighting. The project is LEED certified.