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Huston-Tillotson University Residence Halls

JE Dunn performed a 52,000-square-foot renovation of two residence halls on the Austin, Texas campus. New mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system upgrades were added that includeed new electrical services to both buildings, additional electrical panels and circuitry to each room, a complete new lighting packagae, digital HVAC controls, automated control valves on the chilled water lines to modulate flow without replacing older pieces of equipment, and new plumbing fixtures throughout. Beyond the addition of a new fire sprinkler system, upgrades were also made to the security and fire alarm systems that will improve the safety and security of the facilities, and most importantly the students.

Amenities added to the residence halls include new student spaces such as computer labs, fitness areas, laundry facilities, student break rooms with kitchenettes, movie areas, reception areas, and new director's apartments. Part of the facility updates included adding new finishes to many of the surfaces throughout the buildings, including resilient flooring, cabinets, laminate wall panels, granite countertops, and tile walls. Upgrades were also made to parking spaces with signage, plus an elevated concrete walkway structure was added that provides elevator access to all dorm rooms. Lastly, the buildings were made more accessible through a new elevator, completely redone restrooms, widening of doors and frames, and additional sidewalks, ramps, and railings.