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The Downtown Denver Leadership Program engages emerging leaders by familiarizing them with downtown’s unique opportunities and challenges. The program has three main goals: introduce the community’s emerging leaders to the many issues impacting downtown Denver, hone the leadership skills of the participants, and facilitate networking between participants. This year’s Leadership Program focused on identifying and examining the critical factors and steps – policies, programs, projects and amenities – that will attract a diverse mix of residents and continue downtown Denver as the place where people want to live.

Our very own, Mike Tilbury, was a part of the committee called Tactical Urbanism: Changing Spaces to Places. In this project the committee wanted to increase bike connectivity around downtown Denver by creating a “pop-up protected bike lane.” To do this they created a permanent protected lane by placing different vertical components such as trees in planters and construction cones. JE Dunn built a bike-park where cyclists could have extra parking for their bicycles, in which JE Dunn supplied a flatbed truck and four to five workers to help transport the bike-park to where it was needed. Mike contributed significantly to this project. He arranged the carpenters, helped with the transporting of the bike-park and estimated supplies and cost. With the combined efforts of the whole committee, they were able to provide safe travels for hundreds of cyclists throughout the day. 

“Thank you JE Dunn for your support, not only from Mike (Tilbury) who put a ton of energy into the project, but to JE Dunn as a whole for everything. Without JE Dunn the project wouldn’t be nearly as successful as it was!”

- Sean Hanlon, Holland & Hart, Class Member of DDLP