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JE Dunn and CTA Architects teamed up for a design build effort unlike any other. Instead of steel and concrete, the firms worked with donated canned goods.  The schedule was aggressive!  Work had to be completed within hours, not months or years.  Of course we’re referring to CanStruction, which is held each year in Austin by the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.  Participants design and build creative structures hoping to take home top honors in various categories.  The JE Dunn/CTA structure was titled “Cannibal” and featured two can creatures gobbling up cans of corn, beans, and pumpkin.  Once the structures were completed and judged, they were displayed at a local mall for several weeks.  While our team didn’t take home the top prize, we did win honorable mention.  More importantly, we were able to provide the Food Bank with thousands of cans of food to help feed the needy during the holidays.