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Watching the news over the last few days has been heartbreaking, revealing the depth of pain so many in our country are feeling. But the troubling death of George Floyd and the frustration we see on the news tell only part of the story. They point to symptoms that are at the root of real opportunity.  

The real story, the right story, is one not yet written, one where we use the injustices of the past and those that we witness today to create a better path forward, one where we embrace people whose experiences and realities differ from others, one where we are courageous in standing up for injustice, and one where we see every person we meet as equal, entitled to basic human rights and all the opportunities their skills and talents afford them.

I want to convey JE Dunn’s commitment to fairness, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our business, along with my personal commitment to helping write a new story, one that includes a visible and sustainable commitment to the principles our country and our company were founded upon. Our longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion is rooted in our values. As I write this, we are looking at ways we can make that commitment even more visible and tangible across our company and in the communities where we work.  

While we don’t have the power to solve all the problems we are facing, or to heal all the wounds that affect our communities, we do have the power to express our values in a manner that leaves no doubt about our commitment to Doing the Right Thing. 

I ask all of you to support each other through these difficult times, to listen, to learn and to love. I’m convinced this is the only path to enlightenment and sustainable progress.  

Gordon Lansford

President & CEO