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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While some businesses are figuring out whether they will reopen or not, others haven’t stopped. Construction was deemed essential and crews at JE Dunn have had to rethink how they keep working safely.

Their day starts early; with the sun to head to work. Cars line up for screening before they can enter the job site. About 100 workers are asked a series of questions, have their temperature taken and are cleared with a sticker for work.

“It’s something that we felt obligated to do to ensure that we provided a safe environment and gave everyone a peace of mind,” JE Dunn Vice President Ryan Price said. But these screenings are just one precaution JE Dunn is taking. They have set up hand washing stations, use a sanitizer regularly on high-touch equipment and spaces and are practicing social distancing. Crews that need to be closer than six feet have masks and protective gear.

Managers say they’ve had to rethink how they work in this environment. “It is a challenge one that we haven’t faced before, but we’re fortunate to face it with a great team here who’s been willing to be flexible,” Project Manager David Vater said.