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JE Dunn Construction became involved with the Ron Clark Academy three years ago and has never looked back.  Its mission is compelling, and we are committed to helping others benefit from the innovation, excitement, and energy prevalent throughout the school. In turn, the Atlanta office felt that the best way to do this was to begin a scholarship program that would give educators the opportunity to attend a one day seminar at the Ron Clark Academy. 

RCA gives teachers the tools necessary to build upon our community’s improvement through education. Our hope is that these teachers will return to their schools and inspire both their students and fellow educators by setting high standards and educating our children to new heights. The Atlanta office selected seven schools and offered two scholarships to each school. The schools were asked to select educators that demonstrated leadership and excellence in education. To honor the “Building Moments Scholarship” recipients a reception was held where Dan Kaufman, East Region President, presented the 14 recipients with their awards after a very inspiring presentation from the founder of the academy, Ron Clark himself. Regardless of whether it is building a structure or a community, JE Dunn is continuously “in pursuit of building perfection.” It is this philosophy that brought about our desire to begin the “Building Moments Scholarship” and it is our desire to see it grow.