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Advanced technology is changing the way our industry designs, engineers, and builds. The most impactful way we can improve the building process is by providing a truly collaborative preconstruction process. Introducing Lens, JE Dunn’s conceptual estimating platform that facilitates continuous estimating and collaboration throughout the preconstruction phase; from early napkin sketches, to fully integrated digital models, and on through complete construction documents. Lens works at all stages of the process.

Lens Search is our digital project cost history for any building type with inflation/location factors incorporated, providing a great starting point for comparable project analysis. Lens Aim is our comprehensive and continuous estimating platform that uses over 14,000 engineering calculations to deliver a detailed, accurate estimate at the early concept stage with full transparency for team collaboration and communication. Lens Focus is a revolutionary software system where all building elements can be classified, quantified, and instantly integrated with cost, all while working in the architect’s native 3D Revit model. As a cloud-based collaborative platform, Lens View provides an integrated design model viewing platform with complete cost data that allows any project team member to have complete access to the latest design-cost information during the entire preconstruction process.

Developed in partnership with Autodesk and Microsoft, Lens accelerates the preconstruction phase by leveraging a virtual building model linked to the most powerful, accurate estimating platform in the industry. What was traditionally a milestone estimate-based relationship has now become a live, iterative, and collaborative preconstruction process. Estimates that were once only produced at milestone deliverables and took weeks to complete can now be updated in a matter of hours, enabling near-instant budget analysis.

Lens Search – Find the right fit for your project in JE Dunn’s extensive cost history library.
Search provides clients with a selection of relevant past projects complete with corresponding constructed costs, project details, and project photos. Clients can select a project that resembles their vision, leading to a clearer understanding of the project’s scope. Search can then produce a graphic display of key cost drivers associated with the selected project before an initial design concept is even developed.

Lens Aim – Create a detailed, evolving cost estimate from concept to completion.
Aim, JE Dunn’s proprietary estimating platform, is an end to end estimating solution activated from concept through building completion, containing a wealth of JE Dunn cost history over the last 30+ years. Initial detailed estimates are generated from very little design information, with full cost detail being system-generated based on over 14,000+ engineering formulas and integrated algorithms. As model quantification or trade partner pricing is available, project specific prices replace the system-generated pricing with full variance tracking.

Lens Focus – Build a virtual model and visualize your new project from the ground up.
Focus is the first-of-its-kind quantification tool that links graphic model elements to estimate pricing elements at all stages of design. Because our estimate is linked to the visualization, when model changes are made, the estimate adjusts in nearly real-time. Used appropriately in close coordination with our design partners, we can provide rapid pricing as the designer shares each version of the model. This enables never-before-seen capabilities to investigate design options with key cost drivers early on, as well as provide updated estimates faster than ever before without changing the designer’s modeling approach.

Lens View – Track project progress and watch your vision come to life.
View is a secure, cloud-based dashboard that presents all key information related to preconstruction. This powerful interface shows the latest estimate summary, along with detailed line-item pricing. Two different visualizations provide insight into each cost element in the estimate. The first shows the breakdown of the source of cost: estimate-based, design model-based, or market-based pricing. The second is a web-based interactive rendering of the 3D model that can be easily navigated and investigated to show pricing that corresponds to each model element. No Revit needed – any project stakeholder can interact with this visual estimate through our Dunn Dashboard.