Environmental and Social Responsibility

Leading by Example

Executive Statement on Environmental and Social Responsibility

JE Dunn adheres to seven core values we refer to as our pillars of excellence: safety, sustainability, value, quality, wisdom, collaboration, and integrity. Through these ideals, we strive to deliver a quality product that will benefit everyone, including the communities in which we build. Additionally, JE Dunn is proud to donate over 10 percent of our pre-tax earnings to charities around the country every year. As for community service, the majority of our employees spend time throughout the year volunteering with different organizations that foster educational and youth development, healthcare research, sustainability efforts, arts and cultural foundations, home and neighborhood improvements, and many more. Through the support of our employees as well as the Dunn Family Foundation, JE Dunn supported more than 300 philanthropies last year. The environment we’ve strived for in all of our workplaces is one that not only produces a lasting and quality product, but also one that encourages charitable contribution among employees.

Central to JE Dunn’s ability to innovate and continue building quality structures is the understanding that a diverse workforce encourages a vibrant community of ideas. It is from this community that we are able to realize the solutions and opportunities throughout JE Dunn projects. We don’t see a diverse company as filling a requirement or checking a box. Numerous points of view give us the best chance at finding and perfecting the best practices. JE Dunn would not be where we are today without the help of every single one of our employees. Our Minority Contractor Business Development Program (MCBD) helps minority and women-owned contractors develop the business and leadership skills they need to succeed in the industry. Headed by our Corporate Director of Diversity, the MCBD’s importance to JE Dunn is paramount in our efforts of building up the communities around all of our offices. The MCBD program has expanded into 11 different cities, graduated 370 companies, and contracted over $40 million in work with JE Dunn.

As much as we value building quality and lasting projects, JE Dunn emphasizes the safety of everyone on our projects above all else. JE Dunn takes all measures that we can to ensure the well-being of everyone involved with our work. To this end, our safety department has developed a program to ensure proper safety protocols are taken. In addition to championing on-site safety, we strive to provide the resources necessary for the health and wellness for our employees.

Through our Dunn Well program, employees are offered numerous benefits to monitor and tailor their personal health plans. JE Dunn’s Primary Health Network, powered by Cerner, provides a vast array of digital health resources, and the Dunn Run 5K fosters stronger relationships among coworkers through running and fitness.

As we foster a collaborative process between owners, builders, engineers, and architects, we understand our responsibility to come together as contractors and create buildings and structures that leverage emerging technology to reduce negative environmental impact. Solar power, green roofs, recyclable heat and water, geothermal wells, high-performance data centers, and recycling of construction materials are a small portion of the specific actions we are taking to advance this initiative. Through the implementation of these new ideas and practices, JE Dunn is building more LEED-certified buildings than ever before.  As we continue to shape our methods of construction around evolving processes, we hope to become an example for the rest of the industry that not only proves that we can build toward a sustainable future, but that we should.

Gordon E. Lansford, III

President & CEO, JE Dunn Construction Company

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